'Produce X 101' Controversy: Police Conduct Search and Seizure of Multiple Agencies

Oct 1, 2019

'Produce X 101' Controversy: Police Conduct Search and Seizure of Multiple Agencies
It has been revealed that police have carried out search and seizures of multiple management agencies in connection with Mnet's 'Produce X 101' vote manipulation suspicions.

According to Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on October 1, their cyber crime unit carried out separate search and seizures at the headquarters of STARSHIP Entertainment, MBK Entertainment, and Woollim Entertainment.
Produce X 101This investigation of three agencies comes after searches at CJ ENM(Mnet) and the text vote data company for their alleged vote rigging controversy.

X1, the final debut group of 'Produce X 101', contains Song Hyeong Jun and Kang Min Hee from STARSHIP Entertainment, Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon from MBK Entertainment, and Cha Jun Ho from Woollim Entertainment.
X1Following the report, STARSHIP Entertainment released an official statement, saying, "We are aware that the police are collectively investigating CJ ENM and related companies for suspicions of vote manipulation during the 'Produce' series. We will diligently cooperate with the police investigation."

Mnet's survival audition program 'Produce X 101' is currently under investigation for vote rigging suspicions after fans discovered a pattern among the final vote results, which was statistically impossible.

Suspicions have been brought up for the previous audition programs of Mnet―including 'Idol School' (2017), and 'Produce 48' (2018).

(Credit= Mnet, STARSHIP, MBK, Woollim Entertainment, 'x1official101' Facebook)

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