VIDEO: EXO BAEKHYUN & SEHUN's Puffy Hair Makes Fans Burst Out Laughing

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 1, 2019

VIDEO: EXO BAEKHYUN & SEHUN's Puffy Hair Makes Fans Burst Out Laughing
BAEKHYUN and SEHUN of K-pop boy group EXO turned themselves into adorable dandelion puffs at their recent concert in Taipei.

On September 29, EXO's concert tour 'EXO PLANET#5 - EXplOration' took place in Taipei, Taiwan.EXODuring the concert, fans noticed something unusual about BAEKHYUN and SEHUN's hair―they had so much static in their hair that each strand of hair was spread over their head.

Not all members had the same problem though; CHEN, XIUMIN, KAI and SUHO's hair looked totally fine.

BAEKHYUN and SEHUN almost looked as if they were dandelion puffs on the ground getting ready to bloom.EXOIt seemed like BAEKHYUN and SEHUN did not realize how their hair looked until they faced each other while dancing.

When their eyes met while dancing, they pointed at each other's hair and burst into laughter.EXOFans managed to capture cute moments of them with static-filled hair and shared them online.

Later, BAEKHYUN stumbled upon one fan's video on Twitter which said, "Will you guys please take a look at these dandelion puff twins? It's hilarious!"

Under this video, BAEKHYUN commented, "Hahahaha this is really cute. Not me though. Just SEHUN."
Meanwhile, EXO is scheduled to resume 'EXO PLANET#5 - EXplOration' with a concert in Fukuoka, Japan on October 11.

(Credit= 'tomatostew_0412' Twitter, Online Community, SM Entertainment)

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