BLACKPINK Members Burst Into Tears While Thanking Fans & Each Other

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 1, 2019

BLACKPINK Members Burst Into Tears While Thanking Fans & Each Other
The members of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK burst into tears while expressing gratitude to fans as well as each other during their concert in Bangkok.

On September 28, BLACKPINK's management agency dropped a new episode of 'BLACKPINK DIARIES' on YouTube.

This episode of 'BLACKPINK DIARIES' showed BLACKPINK performing in Bangkok, Thailand as part of its world tour 'IN YOUR AREA'.BLACKPINKDuring the ending speech on the last day of 'IN YOUR AREA' in Bangkok, Thai member LISA shared her feelings in Thai.

LISA said, "Thank you for supporting us for the last three days in Bangkok. While on tour, I heard many say that we gave them strength."

She continued, "But you know what? You guys give us strength. Your love and support touch our hearts every time. I would like to thank you guys once again. We love you."BLACKPINKAt that instant, JENNIE suddenly called LISA's name and thanked her in Thai.

JENNIE said, "Thanks for giving us great energy, LISA. You are a sister to me. I love you!" and went to give LISA a big hug.

As soon as JENNIE finished her sentence, both JENNIE and LISA became tearful.BLACKPINKROSÉ commented, "The four of us did really well. I'm proud of each and every one of us, because we went through a lot. I'm so proud."

Then, ROSÉ got emotional and started crying as well.

JISOO went around wiping tears off their cheeks and wrapped up the speech by saying, "We'll always love you guys. Thank you!"

(Credit= 'BLACKPINK' YouTube)

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