Ong Seong-wu with His Baby Cousin Melts Fans' Hearts

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 2, 2019

Ong Seong-wu with His Baby Cousin Melts Fans' Hearts
Actor Ong Seong-wu with his baby cousin is making fans go, "Awww!"

On October 1, some photos of Ong Seong-wu at a recent family gathering were posted online.

The photos showed a little boy around 4 years old talking to Ong Seong-wu next to him.Ong Seong-wuWhile the boy talked to him, Ong Seong-wu looked at him with loving eyes, which told how much Ong Seong-wu adored him. 

It also looked like the boy liked Ong Seong-wu and enjoyed his company very much.

It is said that the boy is Ong Seong-wu's baby cousin. Ong Seong-wuThe photos quickly spread online, and their sweet moment brought a smile to many.

Under these photos, fans left comments such as, "This is the best thing I've seen today!", "Can I please be that boy for a day?", "Can't stop smiling. This is just too cute!" and so on.Ong Seong-wuMeanwhile, Ong Seong-wu is making his big screen debut with a musical film 'Life Is Beautiful' (working title).

The shooting for 'Life Is Beautiful' is scheduled to kick off this month.

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