SuperM Reveals How the Members Were Chosen from Each Group

Oct 2, 2019

SuperM Reveals How the Members Were Chosen from Each Group
SM Entertainment's global project group SuperM shared how the members were selected from their original groups.

On October 2, SuperM held the group's first press conference at Yongsan-gu, Seoul.
SuperMSuperM consists of seven members from three different boy groups under SM Entertainment―SHINee's TAEMIN, EXO's BAEKHYUN and KAI, NCT's TAEYONG, MARK, LUCAS, and TEN.

When asked how the members came together as a whole new group, SuperM's leader BAEKHYUN answered, "For starters, it was our head producer Lee Soo-man who picked us. We call ourselves 'Soo-man Pick'."
SuperMTAEMIN chimed in and said, "The reason why I was chosen is simple. I'm the only one available right now (in SHINee)," and added, "This is such a great opportunity for me, and it has become a wonderful experience. I learned a lot."
SuperMThen BAEKHYUN provided insight on the group's dynamic, saying, "Our goal is to show a super synergy through our individuality, skills, and experience."

He continued, "There were no difficulties when we first got together. We went through practice smoothly, and it was great to be with friends I always thought of as talented."

SuperM is scheduled to kick off its promotions by holding an outdoor showcase 'SuperM: Live from Capitol Records in Hollywood' at Capitol Records Tower, Los Angeles, on October 5 (local time).

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