BTS V: The Man Who Could Pull off Any Kind of Accessory

Oct 2, 2019

BTS V: The Man Who Could Pull off Any Kind of Accessory
K-pop boy group BTS' member V proved that there is not a single accessory that he cannot pull off.

Recently, a post titled, 'The accessories BTS V wore during the group's four-day concert' drew attention online.

In the post, the pictures of V from BTS' world tour 'LOVE YOURSELF' in Hong Kong was laid out in an order.

On the first day of concert, V paired his red beret with glasses, earrings, and bejeweled rings which made him appear like a genius artist who succeeded in getting his name out there at a very early age.
BTS VBTS VOn the next day and the third day, he found the most gorgeous ring which only he could make it work, and went for the simple but fancy look by adding a few extra bracelets.
BTS VBTS VBTS VBTS VV toned it down on other accessories on the last day in Hong Kong, but he showed up with the same number of rings as he wore the day before.
BTS VBTS VBTS VInterestingly enough, even the fanciest item could not outshine his beauty since the most precious jewel in the world was V himself as his fans said.

Upon seeing this post, his fans commented, "How could a human being be this beautiful? I feel like I'm looking at a statue right now.", "He looks like he just popped out of a cartoon.", "Only he can pull those off.", and many more.

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