Choo Sa Rang's Model-like Long Legs Shock Everyone

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 4, 2019

Choo Sa Rang's Model-like Long Legs Shock Everyone
Choo Sa Rang, the daughter of Korean-Japanese MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter Choo Sung Hoon and Japanese model Yano Shiho, showed off her long legs in her recent photos.

On October 2, Yano Shiho updated her Instagram with a new photo.

The photo was of the back of a girl riding a hoverboard in a park in the evening.

The girl had such long legs that it almost looked like Yano Shiho.

But before anyone even made an attempt to jump into that conclusion, Yano Shiho made sure they did not.

In the caption, Yano Shiho wrote, "This isn't me, by the way. It's Sa Rang!"Choo Sa RangWhen Yano Shiho's followers discovered that the girl in the photo was Choo Sa Rang, their mouth dropped open in shock.

Then, they left comments such as, "That's seriously Sa Rang? Whoa!", "Her legs are sooooo long! It's unbelievable.", "No way. Are you kidding me? Her legs look longer than mine." and so on.

It certainly seemed like Choo Sa Rang got those long legs from her mother, who is known for her greatly long legs.Yano ShihoChoo Sa RangChoo Sa Rang(Credit= 'choosarang_official' 'shiho_style' Instagram)

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