EXO SEHUN Showers EXO-L with Cute Selfies & Photos of His Dog

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 4, 2019

EXO SEHUN Showers EXO-L with Cute Selfies & Photos of His Dog
K-pop boy group EXO's member SEHUN showered EXO-L (the name of EXO's fandom) with cute selfies and photos of his dog.

On October 1, SEHUN unexpectedly joined 'Solitary Room' under his name on Kakaotalk―the largest free mobile instant messaging application in Korea.

'Solitary Room' is an open group chat on Kakaotalk, which allows people to anonymously chat to each other.

Some K-pop group fans create their own 'Solitary Room' to share photos and discuss their favorite group/member.SEHUNWhile SEHUN-bias EXO-L were busy talking to each other about SEHUN, SEHUN entered the group chat with a nickname 'I AM SEHUN'.

Then, he said, "Hi, everyone. CHEN's new song's out! Make sure you listen to it."

Instead of welcoming him though, fans accused him of pretending to be SEHUN.

In order to prove that he was real SEHUN, he sent lots of unreleased photos of himself.SEHUNAs soon as EXO-L saw these selfies, they screamed at the top of their lungs.

Not only were they happy about getting the opportunity to speak to SEHUN, but it was also because the photos were way too adorable. SEHUNSEHUNAfterwards, SEHUN shared some photos of his dog 'Bi-bi' as well.

Then, he bragged about Bi-bi's cuteness to EXO-L, "Cute, right? Bi-bi is just seriously so cute, especially when he is on water like this!"

After sharing a bunch of photos, SEHUN said goodbye, "Okay, I think I'm done here for today. Be happy and stay healthy, okay? I'll try to come back soon. Good night!", and left the group chat.SEHUN's dogSEHUN's dog(Credit= Online Community)

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