New Behind-the-scenes Photos of TWICE MINA Warm Fans' Hearts

Oct 4, 2019

New Behind-the-scenes Photos of TWICE MINA Warm Fans' Hearts
Fans express their full love and support towards MINA of K-pop girl group TWICE as they see new behind-the-scenes photos of her brightly smiling during the group's music video shooting.

Recently, TWICE's management agency JYP Entertainment dropped a new batch of behind-the-scenes photos of the members during their 'Feel Special music video shooting.
TWICEOf course, fans could not stop seeing the photos of MINA over and over again, since the photos captured something that the fans' haven't seen for a while―her beautiful smile.
MINAMINA looks much more comfortable and relaxed with her fellow members, genuinely enjoying the whole shooting process thanks to the members' care.
TWICEBack in July, JYP Entertainment announced MINA's indefinite hiatus to focus on her recovery as she was diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

However, MINA voluntarily made an effort to participate in recording, music video and album pictorial shooting amid her time off.
MINAUpon seeing the new photos of MINA, fans commented, "Seeing MINA smile really makes me feel like everything will be alright.", "To our bravest MINA, please don't ever lose that smile! We will always be here for you.", and more.

(Credit= JYP Entertainment)

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