Tiffany Young Reveals the Only Thing Kim Jong-kook Does in LA

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 7, 2019

Tiffany Young Reveals the Only Thing Kim Jong-kook Does in LA
Tiffany Young of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation revealed that the only thing singer Kim Jong-kook does when he is in Los Angeles, the United States is to go to the gym with his male friends.

On October 6 episode of SBS television show 'Running Man', Tiffany Young made a guest appearance.Tiffany YoungDuring the opening, Tiffany Young said she recently purchased a house in LA.

As soon as the cast members of 'Running Man' heard "LA", they asked, "LA is like Jong-kook's second hometown. Have you ever seen him around?"

Tiffany Young answered, "We have a mutual friend. So, I know the place where he always stays when he visits the city."Tiffany Young and Kim Jong-kookHAHA playfully responded, "We believe he has a daughter in LA and that's why he goes there so often. Have you seen his daughter around at all?"

Then, Kim Jong-kook raised his voice, "What are you seriously talking about? I have no daughter in LA!"

He continued, "Do you realize some people actually believe that I have a daughter in LA because of you?"Kim Jong-kookKim Jong-kook's agitated response made the cast as well as guests burst into laughter.

After joining the laugh, Tiffany Young said, "Well, as far as I know, Jong-kook only works out at the gym with his male friends while in LA."Tiffany Young(Credit= SBS Running Man, 'tiffanyyoungofficial' 'kjk76' Instagram)

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