Ji Chang Wook Thinks He Is Not Good-looking?

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 7, 2019

Ji Chang Wook Thinks He Is Not Good-looking?
Actor Ji Chang Wook shared thoughts on his own looks.

On October 5, Ji Chang Wook featured on tvN's television show 'Laborhood on Hire'.

While in a car together, actor Lim Won-hee said, "I found Chang Wook unbelievably good-looking. I've seen many good-looking people in my life, but Chang Wook is just on another level."

He continued, "You know, I get sick of looking at some good-looking people after seeing them like five times, but it's not the case with Chang Wook. I'll never get sick of looking at his face."Lim Won-heeEntertainer Yu Jae Seok nodded and said, "I totally know what you mean. With some good-looking people, their looks certainly don't impress you after some time. Yep, that doesn't apply to Chang Wook."

Then, Yu Jae Seok asked Ji Chang Wook whether he thought he was handsome.Yu Jae SeokJi Chang Wook answered, "Well, I don't think I'm ugly. I'm not my type though. I have double eyelids, but I like eyes without double eyelids."

Upon hearing Ji Chang Wook's reponse, both Lim Won-hee and Yu Jae Seok almost jumped out of their seats in surprise.

Ji Chang Wook shyly laughed and explained, "I think I have quite low self-esteem."Ji Chang Wook(Credit= tvN Laborhood on Hire)

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