Here Is Why GUMMY & Cho Jung Seok Did Not Have a Wedding Ceremony

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 7, 2019

Here Is Why GUMMY & Cho Jung Seok Did Not Have a Wedding Ceremony
Singer GUMMY shared why her and her husband actor Cho Jung Seok did not have a wedding ceremony.

On October 4 episode of xtvN's television show 'Love at First Song', the cast held an audition to select suitable candidates for a duet performance.

After a round of audition, one female contestant revealed that she was a huge fan of GUMMY.Love at First SongIn response to her remark, singer Sung Si-kyung playfully asked the fan, "Okay, if both your duet partner and GUMMY were drowning, who would you save?"

When the female contestant was struggling to answer the question, GUMMY helped her out.

GUMMY commented, "Don't worry. There is someone who'll save me.", indirectly mentioning Cho Jung Seok.GUMMYThen, songwriter Yoon Sang asked, "Speaking of which, why did you and Jung Seok skip a wedding ceremony?"

GUMMY gave her honest answer, "I didn't want to have a wedding ceremony. I wasn't sure who to invite and not."

She continued, "I was like, 'Why stress about it? I might as well not have a wedding ceremony.' So, that's how we ended up not having a wedding ceremony at all."Love at First SongAfter about five years of dating each other, GUMMY and Cho Jung Seok tied the knot last October.

(Credit= xtvN Love at First Song, C-JeS Entertainment)

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