Krystal Confirms to Join a New Romance Film

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 7, 2019

Krystal Confirms to Join a New Romance Film
Krystal of K-pop girl group f(x) has confirmed to join a new romance film.

On October 5, it was revealed that Krystal will be taking part in a new film titled 'Sweet and Sour' (literal translation).

The film's production company announced, "We are happy to announce that Krystal has confirmed to join 'Sweet and Sour' that will be directed by director Lee Gye-byuk."KrystalIn 'Sweet and Sour', two characters (actor Jang Ki Yong and actress Chae Soo Bin) fall in love at first sight and soon begin dating each other.

However, they happen to become more and more distant after Jang Ki Yong's character starts a new job.

Krystal will play the role of a character who Jang Ki Yong's character meets and befriends at his new workplace.KrystalAlthough Krystal has acted in a number of dramas including 'High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged' (2011), 'The Heirs' (2013), 'Prison Playbook' (2017), 'Player'(2018) and more, she has never been in a commercial film before.

'Sweet and Sour' will mark Krystal's first-ever commercial film to act in.KrystalMeanwhile, the film is scheduled to kick off shooting before the end of the year.

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