Hahn Seohee Admits Her Relationship with Jung Daeun

Oct 8, 2019

Hahn Seohee Admits Her Relationship with Jung Daeun
Former singer trainee Hahn Seohee has admitted to the rumors that she is currently dating a woman.

On October 7, Hahn Seohee and Jung Daeun held a live broadcast via Hahn's Instagram account and admitted their romantic relationship.
Hahn Seohee, Jung DaeunDuring the live broadcast, Hahn Seohee received a comment that reads, "Are you guys just pretending?".

To this, Hahn Seohee said, "The answers are all out there and yet people still deny it so... I don't know."

Jung Daeun said, "I winked because you guys asked me to wink if we are dating. I blinked twice because you guys said to blink twice if we are dating."

Hahn Seohee then explained that they have been dating each other longer than people think.
Hahn Seohee, Jung DaeunEarlier this week, photos of Hahn Seohee and Jung Daeun from their trip to Vietnam sparked dating rumors of the two.
Hahn Seohee, Jung DaeunAt the time, Hahn Seohee denied the rumors stating that Jung Daeun is a close unnie of hers that she has known for years.

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