5 K-pop Artists Who Excel at Playing Instruments

Oct 8, 2019

5 K-pop Artists Who Excel at Playing Instruments
In this day and age, it is not easy for artists to catch the eyes of the public with just one thing since there are so many artists who not only are good at their job, but also have various talents.

Some impress the public with their spectacular English skills and others sweep their fans off their feet with their jaw-dropping painting skills.

However, it is not easy to find a celebrity who is good with instruments since one must be born with a talent and go through a ton of practices in order to play them well.

For this reason, the public truly go wild when they meet an artist who can play different types of instruments.

Let's check out these five K-pop artists who stole everyone's heart with their exceptional musical gifts!

1. Kim Jae Hwan
Kim Jae HwanKim Jae Hwan
3. Henry
4. WENDY of Red Velvet
5. SUGA of BTS
(Credit= MBC every1, SBS funE, 'yg_winnercity' Twitter, 'henryl89' Instagram, MBC, 'PUMA' YouTube, YG Entertainment)

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