BTS' V Wows His Fans with His Unique Specialty!

Oct 8, 2019

BTS' V Wows His Fans with His Unique Specialty!
K-pop boy group BTS' member V flaunted the cutest specialty in the whole world―ear wiggling―and his fans are loving it.

Recently, a post titled, 'V's specialty which I can't help but notice over the past few days' drew attention online.
BTS VIn the post, there were numerous clips of V which well-showed his adorable habit that pops out every now and then.

V always had a huge set of ears ever since he was little, and it was considered as one of his biggest charms for the first few months after his debut.
BTS VBTS VBTS VBut sadly, the fans could not see his ears as much as they did in the past after he entered his 20s and found a new hairstyle that subtly covers his ears.
BTS VHowever, there was one thing that did not change over time―his cute habit.
BTS VBTS VBTS VNone of his fans knew if he was doing it on purpose or not but most of them agreed that it was surprising to see him wiggle his ears without moving any other parts of his face.
BTS VBTS VUpon seeing this post, his fans commented, "I'm trying to wiggle my ears for the 100th time but I just can't do it. Is he a magician or what?", "With that, he looks even more like a puppy.", "How cute is that?", and many more.

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