BTS JUNGKOOK Cannot Control His Powers?

Oct 8, 2019

BTS JUNGKOOK Cannot Control His Powers?
K-pop boy group BTS' member JUNGKOOK showed off his incredible strength and his fans are loving it.

Recently, a thread titled, 'JUNGKOOK, the youngest member of BTS who seems like he cannot control his powers' drew a great deal of attention online.
JUNGKOOKIn the post, there were numerous clips and photos of JUNGKOOK which show how strong JUNGKOOK is.
JUNGKOOKJUNGKOOKJUNGKOOKLifting up his fellow members was a piece of cake for him, and JUNGKOOK even jumped with another person on top of him.
JUNGKOOKJUNGKOOKWhen he wanted to eat pineapple but did not have a knife, JUNGKOOK simply cut the pineapple with his hands.
JUNGKOOKJUNGKOOKJUNGKOOKAlso, JUNGKOOK can jump really high as if he is on a trampoline and lift up his entire body only using his hands.
JUNGKOOKJUNGKOOKJUNGKOOK did not even blink when he had to get three chairs at once and also had no problem carrying a huge basketball stand all by himself.

After seeing these clips of JUNGKOOK, his fans commented, "Now, that's what I like. He's the perfect combination of cute and sexy.", "A basketball stand? How's that even possible?", "Look at his guns. Can't take my eyes off of it.", and so on.

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