BTS RM & JIMIN Walk Their Fans Through the Meaning of Bromance

Oct 8, 2019

BTS RM & JIMIN Walk Their Fans Through the Meaning of Bromance
Fans of K-pop boy group BTS are in awe of two of its members' rock solid friendship―RM and JIMIN.

Recently, a post titled, 'BTS RM & JIMIN: the ones who know how to enjoy a midnight date without a driver's license' garnered a tremendous attention online.

In the post, there were numerous pictures of them which showed the strong bond they have built over the past few years.
BTS RM & JIMINBTS RM & JIMINBTS RM & JIMINBTS RM & JIMINBTS RM & JIMINJIMIN loved to mimic RM whether it was his facial expression or his gestures, and the two of them even had a similar eating habit.

RM got even sweeter whenever he was around JIMIN, and had no limits when it came to complimenting him.

When JIMIN got him a cup of coffee, RM said, "Are you an angel?"
BTS RM & JIMINThen, JIMIN replied, "I'm an elf.", and RM seconded his words immediately by saying, "I agree."
BTS RM & JIMINBTS RM & JIMINRM also squatted on the floor, and held JIMIN's hands to talk to him on his eye level and lowered his chair for him who was so happy to be finally taller than him.

It seems like JIMIN felt the same way about RM since he also tried to express his love to him
whenever he had a chance.
BTS RM & JIMINBTS RM & JIMINBTS RM & JIMINJIMIN followed him everywhere, gave his feet during the interview, and even danced outside his door while RM was holding a live broadcast.
BTS RM & JIMINBTS RM & JIMINAlso, JIMIN loved hugging RM and smiled every time he reunited with him even though they only have been apart for a few minutes.

Upon seeing this post, their fans commented, "This totally warmed my heart. Thank you for making your debut, you guys!", "I purple you two!", "Wish I could have a friend who loves me like them.", and so on.

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