VIDEO: ARMY Get Attacked by BTS V & Yeontan's Cute Moments

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 10, 2019

VIDEO: ARMY Get Attacked by BTS V & Yeontan's Cute Moments
V of K-pop boy group BTS and his dog Yeontan's cute moments made ARMY (the name of BTS' fandom) smile from ear to ear.

On October 9, V shared an 8-min vlog showing what he did during his summer vacation.

Over half of his vlog showed him spending time with Yeontan.

This probably came as no surprise to ARMY though, as they knew how much V loved Yeontan.YeontanV and Yeontan were inseparable during this vacation; they practically stuck together throughout the time.

They shared a meal, played some fun games and lied on the bed right by one another.

It seemed like V found Yeontan too cute, because he just would not leave Yeontan alone.YeontanThis was also the case when V was not physically with Yeontan.

At the end of the video when he was editing this vlog, he got to watch the part where Yeontan appeared.

As soon as V saw Yeontan in the video, he smiled and shrieked in excitement.

Then, he commented, "Ahhh Yeontan is so cute!"

After this vlog was unveiled online, thousands of ARMY around the world wished that they could be Yeontan at least for a day.

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