Park Min Young Shares What Lee Seung Gi Is Like in Real Life

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 10, 2019

Park Min Young Shares What Lee Seung Gi Is Like in Real Life
Actress Park Min Young shared what singer Lee Seung Gi is like in real life.

Recently, Park Min Young told the press about her filming experience with the cast of Netflix's original variety show series 'BUSTED 2'.BUSTED 2During the talk, Park Min Young particularly mentioned this season's new cast member Lee Seung Gi.

Park Min Young said, "Seung Gi fit right in with us. We initially thought that he was cleverer than us, but nope! He wasn't as smart and perfect as we'd all thought."

She continued with a laugh, "It turned out Seung Gi was actually clumsy; he makes a lot of mistakes. He honestly was no different to us."

Lastly, she added, "He is very passionate about everything though. I'm glad that I was able to acquire this opportunity to become close to Seung Gi through our filming. I think him as a good friend and also a great co-worker."BUSTED 2'BUSTED' is a crime-solving variety show where the cast members take on the role of detectives to solve different mysteries.

The first season of 'BUSTED' aired a total of 10 episodes from May 4 until June 1, and its unpredictable twists and turns in each episode were highly praised by the viewers.
BUSTED 2Meanwhile, 'BUSTED 2' is scheduled to be unveiled on November 8.

(Credit= JTBC The 33rd Golden Disc Awards, Netflix) 

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