IU Gives Hints About Her Upcoming Album 'Love poem'

Oct 11, 2019

IU Gives Hints About Her Upcoming Album 'Love poem'
Singer/actress IU gave a little hint about her new album during her recent interview.

Recently, fashion magazine Dazed Korea released pictorials and interview from their recent photo shoot with IU.
IUDuring the interview, IU said the keyword of her upcoming album is 'Love'.

IU said, "I'm preparing for my next album. The songs are almost done. I've been influenced by 'Hotel Del Luna', and there is a song that has fantasy aspects that I showed fans when I was a teenager."
IUShe continued, "The keyword of this album is 'Love'. I think there are some songs that you can easily enjoy listening to. It's not just a love story, but also various other forms of love such as a love from someone, a love for the day, a love for something that hasn't happened, etc."
IUThen on October 11, IU's management agency dropped the first teaser image for IU's new album 'Love poem'.
IUNo date has been set for the album's release, but IU is scheduled to hold a concert tour 'LOVE, POEM' starting next month.

(Credit= Dazed Korea, Kakao M)

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