BTS V Reveals His Life Plan After Retirement

Oct 11, 2019

BTS V Reveals His Life Plan After Retirement
V of K-pop boy group BTS once said that he wants to retire at 40 and devote the rest of his life to his future wife.

Recently, past interview segments of V talking about his life after retirement has resurfaced online.
VIn one interview V had not a long time after his debut, V talked about his role model and how he imagines himself in 10 years.

V said, "My role model is my father. I want to live like my father, taking care of himself and supporting what his children want in their lives. He also sometimes gets scolded by his wife. I want to be a husband like him."

He continued, "10 years from now I see myself with Taekwon (son) and Taegeuk (daughter) going to the zoo together and feeding shrimp chips to pigeons like a cool guy in the fall."
VDuring another interview, V said, "I want to continue singing, dancing, acting, and stuff until I am 40. After that, I want to live the rest of my life for my wife and my family."

He continued, "I want to be a cool old man who wears a brown beret and brown coat in the fall who goes to the part to feed shrimp chips to pigeons."
VVOf course, fans reacted to V's interesting obsession of feeding shrimp chips to pigeons.

They commented, "Then I want to be a pigeon.", "Why does he like pigeons so much?", "I'm jealous of whoever his future wife is.", and more.

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