P.O Shares How Cutely IU Responded to This Photo that He Took of Her

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 11, 2019

P.O Shares How Cutely IU Responded to This Photo that He Took of Her
K-pop boy group Block B's member P.O told how K-pop artist IU cutely responded after checking out a photo that he took of her.

On October 11 episode of KBS' talk show 'Happy Together 3', P.O made a guest appearance.P.OWhile talking about his recent trip to Bangkok that he went on with the team of 'Hotel Del Luna', P.O said that he tried to take as many photos of the team members as he could there.

P.O said, "I really love taking photos. I wanted to take good shots of everyone, so I took loads of photos while there. I used both my film as well as digital cameras. I edited the photos myself afterwards as well."P.OThen P.O suddenly burst into laughter and started telling one story.

P.O said, "I just remembered the time when I took a photo of IU. She looked so amazing in it that I rushed to show it to her. I said, 'Look at you here. You look amazing!'"

He continued, "As soon as IU saw the photo, her eyes widened and she excitedly commented, 'Wow, I look so pretty in it!'"

He added with a wide smile, "Then, she said, 'Oops, did I just say that aloud?' I thought that was super cute."P.OLast month, all the cast and production crew of the drama 'Hotel Del Luna' were rewarded with vacation to Bangkok as the drama ended with a great viewing rate.

(Credit= KBS Happy Together 3, 'dlwlrma' Instagram)

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