VIDEO: Lee Dong Wook Cutely Dances to TWICE 'TT'

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 11, 2019

VIDEO: Lee Dong Wook Cutely Dances to TWICE 'TT'
Fans' minds have been completely overtaken by actor Lee Dong Wook's cute dance.

On October 9, one fan shared a post titled, "Everybody's seen Lee Dong Wook dancing to 'TT', right?" on a popular online community.Lee Dong WookThe fan began the post by saying, "I asked because everybody must see it! Trust me, you'll love it. Why is he so crazily cute? Ahh I'm dying. Help!"

Then, he/she included past videos of Lee Dong Wook dancing to K-pop girl group TWICE's beloved track 'TT' at his fan meeting in March 2017.

The videos indeed showed Lee Dong Wook adorably dancing to 'TT'.

He seemed shy, but still managed to display all his cute dance moves to his fans.

Lee Dong Wook looked so cute that he almost looked like he was either in late teens or early 20s for a minute there.

It also seemed like he would not have any problem performing with TWICE if the girls ever asked him to.

In fact, it almost felt like he could even join the group as the 10th special member.

Thanks to this fan, a lot of other fans who missed out on watching it two and a half years ago got to watch these cutest videos of all time.

After watching his 'TT' dance, they thanked the fan for sharing the post and also Lee Dong Wook for making their day.

(Credit= 'jypentertainment' 'ISSUE DAY' YouTube, Online Community)

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