Lee Seung Gi Invites 'VAGABOND' Cast Over to His House for Suzy's Birthday Party

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 14, 2019

Lee Seung Gi Invites 'VAGABOND' Cast Over to His House for Suzy's Birthday Party
Singer/actor Lee Seung Gi kindly invited the cast of 'VAGABOND' over to his house for actress Suzy's birthday party.

On October 12, Suzy updated her Instagram with a new video.

The video was of the cast of SBS' drama 'VAGABOND'―Lee Seung Gi, actress Park Ah-in, actors Shin Sung Rok, Shin Seung-hwan and Jang Hyuk Jin welcoming Suzy to Lee Seung Gi's place with a candle-lit cake.Lee Seung GiAs soon as the cast open the front door where Suzy is standing behind, they excitedly start singing a birthday song.

Suzy jumps in surprise and says, "What is this? I had not expected this at all.", then playfully adds, "Well, it seems like it's good that I came late. I've arrived just in time, didn't I?"

Before she blows the candles out, she says, "I wish for the success of 'VAGABOND'!"

Under this video, Suzy wrote, "I thought we were just gathering together to watch 'VAGABOND' together, but they prepared a surprise birthday party for me. I'm over the moon!"

A few minutes later, Suzy also shared photos from her birthday party/the recent 'VAGABOND' gathering at Lee Seung Gi's place on Instagram.

The photos were of the cast having a meal and watching 'VAGABOND' together at Lee Seung Gi's place.

She explained that Lee Seung Gi had organized the get-together and invited everyone over for it.

It definitely looked like they all had a great time on this day.VAGABOND castVAGABOND castVAGABOND castVAGABOND castVAGABOND castMeanwhile, 'VAGABOND' aired the eighth episode last Saturday.

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