Song Ji-hyo Joins Hyeri's Management Agency

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 14, 2019

Song Ji-hyo Joins Hyeri's Management Agency
Actor Song Ji-hyo has found a new management agency to further spread her wings.

On October 14, Creative group ING revealed that they have signed an exclusive contract with Song Ji-hyo.Song Ji-hyoThe agency said, "We are very glad that we'll be able to work with Song Ji-hyo."

They added, "We're planning to make a special 'Song Ji-hyo' team made of entertainment industry experts in order to give her as much support as she needs."Song Ji-hyoEstablished in the beginning of this year, Creative group ING currently manages Hyeri of K-pop girl group Girl's Day.

Song Ji-hyo is the second star to be recruited by Creative group ING.
Song Ji-hyo and HyeriMeanwhile, Song Ji-hyo left her previous agency in the end of last month after contract expiration.

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(Credit= Creative group ING, 'hyeri_0609' 'my_songjihyo' Instagram)

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