SuperM BAEKHYUN Spotted Reading Letters from Fans on a Plane

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 15, 2019

SuperM BAEKHYUN Spotted Reading Letters from Fans on a Plane
BAEKHYUN of K-pop boy group SuperM/EXO was seen reading letters from fans on a plane.

On October 13, one Twitter user shared a post on his/her Twitter that instantly attracted the attention of K-pop fans.

This user wrote, "I'm not too sure who it was, but there was this male celebrity with white hair in the business class from Fukuoka to Seoul reading letters from fans. It looked like they were from his Japanese fans, because they were all written in Japanese."

He/she continued, "I had always assumed that celebrities just threw those away without reading any of them, but I guess that's not always true. I'm impressed. He was wearing a mask, by the way."BAEKHYUNSoon enough, K-pop fans discovered that this user was talking about BAEKHYUN, because not only did he recently dyed his hair white, but he also flew from Fukuoka to Seoul with a mask on on this day.

They then flooded Twitter with compliments about BAEKHYUN's heartwarming behavior.

A little while later, BAEKHYUN realized what had been happening on Twitter and commented, "I probably will be able to sleep well today. I feel rich in my heart. Thank you."BAEKHYUNAfter waking up the next morning, BAEKHYUN found out that the story was still trending on Twitter.

So, BAEKHYUN left another comment, "Thank you for saying such good things about me, everyone. This makes me feel very pleased."

He added, "Yes, that's right. I'm still not used to it, but my hair is white indeed. I do like my new nickname 'White Hair' though!"BAEKHYUNMeanwhile, BAEKHYUN successfully made his second debut as the leader of SuperM on October 4.

(Credit= 'B_hundred_Hyun' 'candycrush0506' Twitter, SM Entertainment)

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