PSY Tells Why He Thinks HyunA & E'DAWN Have a Weird Relationship

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 15, 2019

PSY Tells Why He Thinks HyunA & E'DAWN Have a Weird Relationship
Singer PSY revealed why he believes K-pop artist couple HyunA and E'DAWN are the strangest couple he has ever seen.

On October 14, PSY uploaded a photo of HyunA and E'DAWN with a caption on his Instagram that made a lot of people laugh.

PSY had written, "I find this 3-year couple very strange. While they are madly in love, they never share what each other has been up to in terms of work; they separate love and work."HyunA and E'DAWNThe singer continued, "They share ideas for their new single/album, choreography, concept and all that with me, but keep them completely quiet from one another."

He laughingly added, "They keep telling me that they want to make a comeback before each other. That is how competitive they are when it comes to work. They should have a dance battle or something soon. I honestly would love to see that, actually."HyunA and E'DAWNNot long after PSY shared this Instagram post, HyunA came along and left a hilarious comment under it.

She wrote, "So, who's going to release a new song first? You know I'll always work hard for my fans!"HyunA and E'DAWNBoth HyunA and E'DAWN joined with PSY's management agency P NATION back in January.

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