VIDEO: DARA & Park Bom's Duet Version of 2NE1's 'LONELY' Unveils

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 16, 2019

VIDEO: DARA & Park Bom's Duet Version of 2NE1's 'LONELY' Unveils
Two members of disbanded K-pop girl group 2NE1―DARA and Park Bom's version of 'LONELY' was unveiled online.

On October 12, DARA dropped a new video on YouTube that made BLACKJACK (the name of 2NE1's fandom) all hyped up.

BLACKJACK were so excited because the video was a music video for DARA and Park Bom's version of 'LONELY' by 2NE1.

In the video, DARA and Park Bom managed to recreate this iconic song with their sweet and soulful vocals.

Around the same time, DARA took to her Twitter to share some details regarding the video.

DARA said, "We were actually planning to share 'I DON'T CARE' first, but some unexpected things happened, so we decided to share 'LONELY' first. Those sort of things always happen to us for some reason. DARA+Park Bom=never boring!"

She continued, "A couple more of our 2NE1 covers(?) are on their way. Just wait for them, okay? I won't make you wait too long; they will be unveiled soon!"DARA and Park BomOriginally, DARA and Park Bom were set to perform together at 'Rainbows in Asia Music Festival: 2019 K-pop Super Concert' in Manila, the Philippines on September 21.

However, only three days before the concert, the organizer announced sudden cancellation due to internal problems within the company.

At that time, DARA revealed that she was planning to release some collaborative tracks with Park Bom as a special gift to BLACKJACK soon.

Upon the release of the duet version of 'LONELY', BLACKJACK around the world have been going crazy about it.

They also could not hide their excitement for more collaborative tracks to come.DARA and Park Bom(Credit= 'DARA TV' YouTube, 'krungy21' Twitter)

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