Gong Yoo Reveals He Was Completely Worn Out After 'Guardian'

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 17, 2019

Gong Yoo Reveals He Was Completely Worn Out After 'Guardian'
Actor Gong Yoo revealed that he was mentally and physically very exhausted after 'Guardian: the Lonely and Great God'.

In the morning of October 16, Gong Yoo sat down with the press for an interview.

During the interview, Gong Yoo mentioned one of his greatest hit dramas 'Guardian: the Lonely and Great God' (2016).Guardian: the Lonely and Great GodGong Yoo said, "I was extremely exhausted following the end of 'Guardian: the Lonely and Great God'. A lot of things had happened to me then. As you know, the drama was very successful. Only good things were happening to me and I was certainly happy."

The actor continued, "However, there were those other emotions that rushed in afterwards. I felt like someone had drained all my energy out. That was when I realized I needed some time off from work."

He added, "So, after wrapping up all promotional activities for the drama, I spent some time recharging myself. I really needed it and am glad that I had it."Guardian: the Lonely and Great GodGuardian: the Lonely and Great GodMeanwhile, 'Kim Ji-young, Born 1982'―Gong Yoo's first comeback project in almost three years―is set to hit the theaters on October 23.

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