BTS SUGA Loses a Ring at Berlin Concert; Fan Happens to Get Indirectly Engaged to Him

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 17, 2019

BTS SUGA Loses a Ring at Berlin Concert; Fan Happens to Get Indirectly Engaged to Him
One fan of K-pop boy group BTS found the group's member SUGA's ring at the most unexpected place.

On October 16, 2018, BTS' concert tour 'LOVE YOURSELF' took place at Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin, Germany.

On this day, SUGA showed off his four freshly-made custom rings in the shape of each letter of his name.

At one point during the concert, however, SUGA told fans that he had lost the letter 'A' and laughingly said, "Well, congratulations to the new owner."
Then on the next day, one fan uploaded a post on her Twitter, sharing that she was the one who had the letter 'A'.

But she added that she did not realize that she had it until she went back to her hotel after the concert.

The fan started off her story by saying, "This still feels like a dream. I have SUGA's letter 'A' ring and let me tell you how it happened. For the record, it honestly was not my intention to make him lose it forever."SUGAShe said, "So, I was in the VIP zone with my best friend. In the middle of the concert, SUGA threw a water bottle towards where we were standing. It landed right behind us, but another fan took it straight away. I was quite disappointed then."

She continued, "Some time later, JUNGKOOK performed in front of me. I got so excited that I started jumping up and down. Then, I jumped on something hard and thought it obviously had to be the cap of the water bottle that SUGA threw towards our direction earlier. I didn't want to miss out on anything from the concert, so I just quickly put it in my pocket without looking at what it was."

The fan added, "Then, SUGA said that he lost one of his rings. I searched for the ring along with thousands of fans there, but I too had no luck in finding it. Until this moment, I had no idea that the 'bottle cap' in my pocket was his ring." 
SUGALastly, she said, "After the concert, I went back to my hotel and took the 'bottle cap' out of my pocket. I was shocked to find out that it was in fact SUGA's ring! I couldn't believe it for ages. But at the same time, I felt horrible. I would love to give this back to him the next time he comes to Germany. I'm so sorry, SUGA! Please come back to Germany to perform again!"

Her story was so fascinating that it has recently become the center of attention again even though it has been a year since it all happened.

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