SEVENTEEN MINGYU Gets Shy as UAE Fans Excitedly Welcome Him to the Country

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 17, 2019

SEVENTEEN MINGYU Gets Shy as UAE Fans Excitedly Welcome Him to the Country
K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN's member MINGYU got shy as more UAE fans than he had expected excitedly welcomed him to the country.

Almost around midnight on October 16 (local time), SEVENTEEN arrived at Dubai International Airport, the United Arab Emirates, for the very first time. 

The group has traveled to Dubai to perform live at the Korean Brand and Content Expo that is scheduled to be held from October 17 until 18.Korean Brand and Content ExpoAs soon as SEVENTEEN came out of the arrivals at the airport, the 13 members were greatly welcomed by an unbelievable number of fans.

Shocked by the number of fans gathered see them late at night, the boys waved at them with their eyes widened in surprise.

MINGYU in particular was more surprised by the crowd and could not hide his happy smile until he left the airport in a van.
When he was in the van, many fans almost glued themselves to the window next to him and this was when MINGYU got a bit shy.

MINGYU waved at them once, then suddenly covered his face in shyness.

A few seconds later, he had eye contact with each one of them again with the happiest smile on his face and waved them hello.
At the moment, the hashtag #SeventeeninDubai is trending on Twitter, with a lot of fans sharing videos of the members' arrival in Dubai, or pleading for details of their whereabouts in the city.

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