Insiders Reveal IU Was at Sulli's Funeral for All 3 Days

Oct 18, 2019

Insiders Reveal IU Was at Sulli's Funeral for All 3 Days
Insiders revealed that singer/actress IU was at her friend Sulli's funeral the whole time.

According to Star News' report on October 18, IU was at the funeral for all three days following her sudden passing.
Sulli, IUAs Sulli's family members wished to hold her funeral privately, no details about the funeral were revealed to the public; except for the fact that all f(x) members―Victoria, Amber, Luna, and Krystal―were present for the funeral.

IU has also been at the funeral since the moment she heard the tragic news, stayed by Sulli's family in deep sorrow.
Sulli, IUFollowing Sulli's passing, many celebrities canceled their scheduled activities to mourn for Sulli.

IU also announced that she would halt all teasers and content releases for her upcoming mini album 'Love, poem'.
Sulli, IUKnown to be best friends, IU and Sulli showed support for each other multiple times with IU writing a song dedicated to Sulli, 'Peach', and Sulli making a special cameo appearance on IU's latest drama, 'Hotel Del Luna'.

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