TOMORROW X TOGETHER Talks About the Advice From BTS

Oct 21, 2019

TOMORROW X TOGETHER Talks About the Advice From BTS
The members of K-pop boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) shared the advises from their fellow Big Hit Entertainment group BTS.

On October 21, the press showcase for TXT's first full album 'The Dream Chapter: MAGIC' took place at Yonsei University's Centennial Memorial Concert Hall, Seoul.
TXT (Yonhap)During the event, the members of TXT talked about the advises from their agency's senior group BTS.

YEONJUN said, "Since BTS is so busy, it's hard for us to meet them often. Whenever we see them in our practice rooms, they always ask how we've been doing and tell us to show what we've prepared to the fullest."
TXT (Yonhap)TAEHYUN shared, "BTS gave us lots of advice, especially about what kind of mindset we should have on stage. They told us to remember why we are on the stage, and to fully express ourselves."

SOOBIN added, "BTS gave us wings to fly. In order to spread those wings, I believe we need to stay healthy. We will do our best to be a junior group that makes BTS proud."
TXT (Yonhap)Meanwhile, TXT is scheduled to unveil 'The Dream Chapter: MAGIC' on October 21 at 6PM KST along with the music video of the title track 'Run Away'.

(Credit= Yonhap News Agency, Big Hit Entertainment)

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