Song Hye Kyo Shows Up at a Party with an Ever So Elegant Look

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 21, 2019

Song Hye Kyo Shows Up at a Party with an Ever So Elegant Look
Actress Song Hye Kyo showed off her endless beauty at one public event that took place last week.

On October 17, Song Hye Kyo was spotted at an opening party and dinner held by one French jewelry brand at LOTTE AVENUEL, Sogong-dong, Seoul.Song Hye KyoFor this event, Song Hye Kyo had elegantly styled herself with a fancy long black dress and accessories.

She also had put some smokey eye make-up and light-colored lipstick on that matched her overall style of the day.Song Hye KyoAs soon as Song Hye Kyo walked into the venue, everyone could not help themselves but to turn towards her.

She was so gorgeous that she almost hypnotized the entire group of people there with her beauty.Song Hye KyoSong Hye KyoAfter the opening party, some guests and board members who flew in from various parts of the world dined together.

As the ambassador for the brand, Song Hye Kyo was invited to join the dinner as well.Song Hye KyoSong Hye KyoMeanwhile, Song Hye Kyo is reportedly starting an art school in New York City, the United States soon.

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