Lee Hong Gi Writes His First Letter to Fans from the Military

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 21, 2019

Lee Hong Gi Writes His First Letter to Fans from the Military
Lee Hong Gi of K-pop boy band FTISLAND wrote to his fans from the military for the first time.

On October 21, FTISLAND's management agency FNC Entertainment shared a letter to fans from Lee Hong Gi online.

It was the first letter Lee Hong Gi had sent to fans since his military enlistment in the beginning of the month.Lee Hong GiLee Hong Gi started his letter off in a playful manner, "Okay, this is pretty funny that I'm writing a letter to you guys from the military. I have never imagined this day would come so quickly!"

He said, "I'm doing well here. You were right. It did turn out that I do have excellent adaptability. My fellow soldiers are really great. I've actually started training them. They either have too much or too little fat on their body."Lee Hong GiLee Hong Gi continued, "So, how is everything going for you? The gifts for the military that you gave me at my last fan signing event have become very handy here. Thank you! Oh, but I can't read the online letters you sent me. There are just way too many of them. Yeah, I feel terrible about that. That's kind of why I decided to write to you."

He went on, "These days, I spent a lot of time thinking what I should do with you after I discharge from the military. First of all though, let's do 'Pocha' (drinking event) again for sure. Don't worry, I'll convince our agency to go ahead with it."Lee Hong GiHe added, "Do you remember that I said I wanted to succeed in spreading FTISLAND songs to my fellow soldiers? Well, it looks like I've succeeded it a bit. Just before we went to bed the other night, our platoon leader played 'Quit' and about 500 people who I signed an autograph to said that they would come to our concert in the future. Not so bad, right?"

Then, Lee Hong Gi wrapped up the letter by cheerfully saying, "Anyway! Take good care of yourself, alright? Bye."Lee Hong GiMeanwhile, Lee Hong Gi is expected to complete his military service in April 2021.

(Credit= 'FNC_ENT' Twitter, 'skullhong12' Instagram)

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