SOYA Tells How Her Uncle Kim Jong-kook Treats Her

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 21, 2019

SOYA Tells How Her Uncle Kim Jong-kook Treats Her
K-pop artist SOYA revealed what sort of uncle singer Kim Jong-kook is.

On October 18, SOYA guested on SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Choi Hwa-jeong's Power Time'.

While talking about the genre of her newly-released song being ballad, SOYA commented, "When talking about ballad, we can't leave out Kim Jong-kook, right?"

SOYA continued, "I've actually made him listen to my new track the other day. He said he really liked it and it suited me very well. I was glad to hear that from him."Choi Hwa-jeong's Power TimeThen, the host Choi Hwa-jeong asked, "Does Kim Jong-kook give you any allowance at all, by the way? I mean, he is your uncle."

SOYA burst out laughing and said, "This is just perfect timing! In fact, he gave me some allowance when I met him recently."

She went on, "He gives me allowance every now and then. I'm not sure if it's okay to keep accepting it though, because I'm like almost 30 years old."Choi Hwa-jeong's Power TimeChoi Hwa-jeong laughingly responded, "Oh, sweetie. You don't have to worry about that. It's not like he has a wife or kids. He only has himself. So, that's okay."

SOYA said with a happy smile, "That's true. I guess it's okay. I'll keep accepting it from him then!"Choi Hwa-jeong's Power Time(Credit= 'soya_42' '1077power' Instagram, SBS POWER FM Choi Hwa-jeong's Power Time)

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