NU'EST REN Shares What Being Single for a Really Long Time Does to Him

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 22, 2019

NU'EST REN Shares What Being Single for a Really Long Time Does to Him
K-pop boy group NU'EST's member REN revealed what being single for a really long time made him feel.

On October 21, the cast of JTBC's talk show 'HOGU CHART' talked about the feeling of loneliness.

This was when REN said, "You know, I always feel lonely."

With a worried look on their face, the other cast members responded, "Oh, no. Why is that?"

REN answered, "I don't know. I always feel so lonely, especially right before bed."RENModel Jung Hyuk asked, "That is because it's been too long since you have been in a relationship! Isn't that right?"

REN laughed and responded, "Yeah, it's been some time since I've gone on a date with someone. That may be why, indeed."RENThen, boy group SHINHWA's member JUNJIN asked him, "What type of girl do you like?"

REN answered, "Well, I don't really look at the person's appearance. I look at her personality the most; it's important that she gets along with me well."

As soon as REN finished his sentence, Jung Hyuk and JUNJIN accused REN for not giving out any details on appearance.RENThen, Jung Hyuk and entertainer Jang Seong-kyu started throwing him a lot of questions about his type of girl.

They asked, "Do you prefer tall or short girls?", "Do you prefer girls with thick or thin lips?", "Do you prefer chubby or skinny girls?" and more.
For a while, REN just laughed without answering their question.

In the end though, REN had to give his answer to at least one of them, because they just would not stop otherwise.

While laughing, REN reluctantly answered, "Alright, alright. I prefer skinny girls."REN(Credit= JTBC HOGU CHART)

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