VIDEO: GFRIEND SINB Funnily Responds to ASTRO MOON BIN's Crazy Dance

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 22, 2019

VIDEO: GFRIEND SINB Funnily Responds to ASTRO MOON BIN's Crazy Dance
K-pop girl group GFRIEND's member SINB hilariously responded to her good friend boy group ASTRO's member MOON BIN's crazy dance.

On October 19, both GFRIEND and ASTRO performed at '2019 BUSAN ONEASIA FESTIVAL: K-POP CONCERT' that took place at Hwamyeong Ecological Park, Busan.

During the last performance, all K-pop groups invited to the event performed 'Busan Vacance' by SKULL & HAHA together.BUSAN ONEASIA FESTIVAL 2019To this upbeat song, the K-pop stars jumped up and down the stage and danced about full of excitement.

The most excited group out of all was definitely ASTRO though; the members showed some crazy dance moves to the music.

As the song went on, MOON BIN moved next to SINB who was near him at that time, and started dancing even crazier and tried to make her join him.BUSAN ONEASIA FESTIVAL 2019SINB quickly hid behind her fellow members and made a funny expression as if telling everybody there how insane she felt he was.

But that did not stop MOON BIN; he just continued dancing crazily with the rest of ASTRO members until the end of the song.BUSAN ONEASIA FESTIVAL 2019BUSAN ONEASIA FESTIVAL 2019SINB and MOON BIN have been friends since they were in elementary school and still are known to be great friends.

This moment perfectly demonstrated their sweet and unbreakable friendship, and fans are finding it so adorable.

(Credit= 'fancam ecu' YouTube, SBS MTV Yogo)

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