iKON BOBBY & DK Celebrate B.I's Birthday

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 23, 2019

iKON BOBBY & DK Celebrate B.I's Birthday
BOBBY and DK of K-pop boy group iKON celebrated their former leader B.I's birthday.

On October 22, B.I welcomed his 23rd birthday and fans around the world filled social media with messages wishing him a happy birthday.

As they used hashtags '#BelovedHanbinDay' and '#HappyBirthdayHanbin' for it, Twitter users saw these two hashtags trending on Twitter―the most-used social media platform by K-pop fans―for a while on this day.B.I's birthdayA few hours before the day ended, two members of iKON―BOBBY and DK took their Instagram to celebrate B.I's birthday as well.

BOBBY shared a video of B.I performing iKON's mega-hit track 'LOVE SCENARIO'.

Under this video, BOBBY wrote, "I miss you. Happy birthday."

보고싶다야 생일축하해

@ bobbyindaeyo님의 공유 게시물님,

DK also posted a photo of a pretty white flower called 'threeleaf arrowhead', which is said to be B.I's birth flower.

Although DK had not written anything along with the photo, fans could just tell what he wanted to say.B.I's birthdayBack in June, B.I left iKON and his management agency YG Entertainment after he was accused of purchasing and using illicit drugs in 2016.

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