IU's Latest Instagram Update Brings Tears to Her Fans

Oct 23, 2019

IU's Latest Instagram Update Brings Tears to Her Fans
Singer/actress IU celebrated the fourth year of her 2015 album 'CHAT-SHIRE' release, featuring a drawing from her late friend Sulli.

On October 23, IU updated her personal Instagram account for the first time after Sulli's tragic passing on October 14. 
IUIUAlong with the photos of herself posing in front of a drawing, IU wrote, "My precious 'CHAT-SHIRE', happy fourth anniversary."

Fans later found out that the drawing, 'Self portrait', is one that Sulli had posted on her personal Instagram years ago.
IUShe later gave the drawing to IU, and it became the motif for one of the tracks included in IU's 'CHAT-SHIRE' album―'Red Queen'.

IU once revealed that she saw the drawing at Sulli's house and took a picture of it because it was a perfect match for the lyrics of 'Red Queen' that she had been thinking of.
IUMeanwhile, IU recently announced her plan to postpone the release schedule of her upcoming album 'Love poem' to have a little more time for herself in the wake of her beloved friend's passing.

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