Kim Yoo Jung Has Fun in the Countryside of Italy

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 23, 2019

Kim Yoo Jung Has Fun in the Countryside of Italy
Actress Kim Yoo Jung was spotted having so much fun in the countryside of Italy.

On October 22, Kim Yoo Jung's management agency released some recent photos of the actress online.

The photos were of the time when Kim Yoo Jung went to Italy for Life Time's web show 'Half Holiday in Italy' not too long ago.Kim Yoo JungKim Yoo JungIn the photos, Kim Yoo Jung is seen doing a lot of different activities in one tranquil town.

Kim Yoo Jung goes to a gelato shop, strolls around the town, makes pizza, visits a vine yard, enjoys a view of the beautiful town from the top of a hill and so on.Kim Yoo JungKim Yoo JungAlthough some may argue that these activities are too touristy, she certainly seems to be having a blast anyway.

She has the brightest smile in every photo that it almost feels like it is written, "I'm so happy, everyone!" in a writing above her.Kim Yoo JungKim Yoo JungKim Yoo JungUnder these photos, her fans left comments such as, "Awww. I love these photos. She must want to go back there right now.", "Absolutely gorgeous. I bet her beauty melted the hearts of hundreds of Italians.", "Looks exciting! Take me there, unnie. I would love to check that place out!" and so on.Kim Yoo Jung(Credit= sidusHQ)

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