Song Joong Ki Warmly Welcomes Snack Truck Staff to the Filming Site

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 23, 2019

Song Joong Ki Warmly Welcomes Snack Truck Staff to the Filming Site
Snack truck company staff gave an update on actor Song Joong Ki's busy work life.

On October 21, one snack truck company updated their Instagram with a new post.

There were photos of a snack truck that was decorated with Song Joong Ki's photos.

On the snack truck, it said, "Supporting Song Joong Ki and everyone else on 'The Seungri' team with all my heart. From Han Seok-won of Contents Jieum."Snack truck for Song Joong KiIn the caption, the snack truck company wrote, "Today, we were at where the movie 'The Seungri' was being filmed. We prepared more snacks and drinks than usual, because Contents Jieum's CEO Han Seok-won didn't want Song Joong-ki and the rest of team members to lose any energy on their last shooting day."

They continued to say, "As always, we were warmly welcomed by Song Joong Ki. There was not a single time when he didn't warmly welcome us. We had a great time preparing food and drink for people there, because everyone was so easy-going!"Snack truck for Song Joong Ki'The Seungri' is a science fiction movie, depicting a journey of astronauts visiting multiple planets out of the Solar System.

The film is set to be unveiled next year.Snack truck for Song Joong Ki(Credit= 'coffee_pong' Instagram)

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