'BTS Street' in V & SUGA's Hometown to No Longer Be Developed

Oct 24, 2019

'BTS Street' in V & SUGA's Hometown to No Longer Be Developed
K-pop boy group Big Hit Entertainment has reportedly objected to the 'BTS Street' project in Daegu, V and SUGA's hometown.

On October 23, Maeil Business reported that plans for 'BTS Street' will not be moving forward due to opposition from the agency.

Daegu Buk-gu (Northern) District Office originally planned to build a BTS-theme street near Taejeon-dong neighborhood where SUGA attended elementary, middle, and high school.
SUGADaegu Seo-gu (Southern) District Office planned for a similar project near Bisan-dong, where V grew up and attended school.
VHowever, both plans were halted following the objection from Big Hit Entertainment.

The agency is also reported to have requested to the other members' hometowns to stop their plans to develop BTS-themed spaces in the cities.
BTSA representative from Daegu Buk-gu District Office told Maeil Business, "There was no choice but to stop our plans to build the 'BTS Street' as BTS' agency expressed opposition."

The source added, "Since we cannot proceed (the project) without the agency's permission, we unfortunately gave up on the project."

(Credit= Big Hit Entertainment)

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