SOMI Shares How Happy She Feels About Unexpectedly Bumping Into TWICE at the Airport

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 24, 2019

SOMI Shares How Happy She Feels About Unexpectedly Bumping Into TWICE at the Airport
K-pop artist SOMI shared how happy she felt when she unexpectedly bumped into girl group TWICE at the airport the other day.

On October 22, SOMI and the members of TWICE ran into each other at Incheon International Airport.

They were not flying to the same destination, but happened to arrive at the airport around the same time.

SOMI was scheduled to take a flight to Guam with her father actor Matthew Douma for an upcoming season of SBS' television show 'Law of the Jungle', and TWICE was heading to Japan for the group's ongoing concert tour 'TWICE LIGHTS'.

SOMI and the members of TWICE were spotted hugging one another, taking photos and chatting together.SOMISOMISOMIOn the following day on October 23, SOMI went live on Instagram.

During the live broadcast, SOMI mentioned the unexpected mini reunion that she had with TWICE.

SOMI said, "I was at the lounge with my dad, waiting for my flight. While I was just sitting there, I saw a familiar face walking in; it was DAHYUN! I was so surprised! After her, over half of the members of TWICE came into the lounge. I was like, 'What on earth is going on here?'"

She continued, "I'm really close to CHAEYOUNG and my dad also knows her, as she used to come over to our house a lot. He also really loves her, because she's really cool and stuff. I wanted to see CHAEYOUNG, but she wasn't with them. So, I went out the lounge to look for her."

She added, "Then, I managed to find CHAEYOUNG near the entrance and was so happy to see her. JEONGYEON and JIHYO were nearby, so I got to say hi to them as well. It was really nice. I was so happy."
SOMI used to train under TWICE's management agency JYP Entertainment before leaving in August 2018.

After leaving, she joined YG Entertainment's sub-label THE BLACK LABEL where she made solo debut.

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