Gong Yoo's Cute Moment with a Child Actress Makes Everyone Smile

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 25, 2019

Gong Yoo's Cute Moment with a Child Actress Makes Everyone Smile
Actor Gong Yoo's sweet moment with child actress Ryu A-young is making everyone smile from ear to ear.

On October 24, Ryu A-young's mother shared a post about Gong Yoo besides some photos of her daughter with Gong Yoo on Instagram.Gong YooThe mother wrote, "When my daughter was filming 'Kim Ji-young, Born 1982' with Gong Yoo, he treated her so well."

She continued, "Not only did he play with her during breaks, but also always brought something for her on the day of shooting. One day, he gave her a limited edition toy, on another day, he gave her animal shaped balloons. He showered her with gifts."

She added, "My daughter even said that she liked Gong Yoo more than her own father! Gong Yoo was incredibly kind and humble. He has a heart of gold."Gong YooGong YooIn the photos, Gong Yoo is full of joy while spending time with Ryu A-young.

The photos show him putting Ryu A-young on his lap, holding her tightly in his arms and giving her sweets.

He looks at her with such loving eyes that it made a lot of people think, "No wonder the little girl loved Gong Yoo so much!"Gong YooGong YooGong YooMeanwhile, 'Kim Ji-young, Born 1982', where Gong Yoo and Ryu A-young portray a realistic father-and-daughter relationship, was released on October 23.

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