Choo Sung Hoon & Yano Shiho Share Photos from Choo Sa Rang's Birthday Party

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 28, 2019

Choo Sung Hoon & Yano Shiho Share Photos from Choo Sa Rang's Birthday Party
Korean-Japanese MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) fighter Choo Sung Hoon and Japanese model Yano Shiho shared photos from their daughter Choo Sa Rang's fun birthday party.

On October 24, Choo Sa Rang welcomed her eighth birthday.

On the following day, Choo Sung Hoon took to his Instagram to send her a congratulatory message.

Alongside photos of Choo Sa Rang at her birthday party with friends, Choo Sung Hoon wrote her a message filled with love.

With heart emojis, Choo Sung Hoon wrote, "Happy birthday, my daughter. I love you, Sa Rang."Choo Sa RangChoo Sa RangSoon after him, Yano Shiho shared more photos from Choo Sa Rang birthday party and a message on her Instagram.

The photos were of Choo Sa Rang brightly smiling, showing how much of an amazing time she was having.

Yano Shiho wrote, "Sa Rang said she wanted to have a birthday party with her school friends this year. I was taken aback when she told me this, because she struggled with her social life until last year. I was so happy to hear her say this to me."

She continued, "Her birthday party went great. Everybody smiled and had a blast. I almost cried when Sa Rang blew out the candles. I just couldn't believe our little one had grown this much already. Happy birthday, Sa Rang."Choo Sa RangChoo Sa RangChoo Sa RangBoth Choo Sung Hoon and Yano Shiho seemed very proud of Choo Sa Rang and also emotional that she had already turned eight.

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