BTS V Reportedly Buys a Multi-billion Won Apartment All in Cash

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 28, 2019

BTS V Reportedly Buys a Multi-billion Won Apartment All in Cash
K-pop boy group BTS' member V has become an owner of an unimaginably expensive apartment.

On October 26, SkyEDaily reported that V purchased one large unit at a luxurious apartment complex called 'Apelbaum'.VThe apartment complex is located in the most affluent district in Seoul―Gangnam-gu.

There are only the total of 17 units in this apartment complex and all units said to have a view of the Han River.

According to this report, V purchased this 5.1 billion won (approximately 4.4 million dollars), 282.73㎡ (3043.28 sq ft) apartment all in cash back in July.VNow, all members of BTS except for RM and JIMIN have their own apartment.

Back in 2016, J-HOPE bought an 84.81㎡ (912.89 sq ft) 'Trimage' apartment in Seongdong-gu, Seoul.

JIN and SUGA also each treated themselves to a fancy apartment in Yongsan-gu, Seoul last year.

In October 2018, JUNGKOOK decided to purchase 'Trimage' apartment and J-HOPE bought another unit there.

All of them reportedly bought their apartment all in cash.BTSCurrently, the seven members of BTS live in a dorm together. 

Many guesses are that they will soon be moving out of their dorm to live on their own, but nothing has been said yet.

(Credit= Big Hit Entertainment)

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