First Look: BTS' 'LOVE YOURSELF' Era Comes to an End

Oct 29, 2019

First Look: BTS' 'LOVE YOURSELF' Era Comes to an End
After a year and two months, BTS' 'LOVE YOURSELF' world tour is coming to an end.

BTS has set an unprecedented record by holding 62 concerts all over the world, garnering more than 2 million audience worldwide.

The group also successfully entered world-famous, legendary concert venues including the Rose Bowl and Wembley Stadium.

BTS world tour's grand journey successfully wrapped up with the Seoul concert. 

Even before the concert, Seoul Olympic Stadium was filled with festivity.

44,000 tickets per show were already sold out, and thousands of international fans gathered to enjoy the concert.

The show was a blast from the very beginning.

BTS hyped up the whole atmosphere by saying, "Let's go crazy tonight!"

Just as always, BTS members showed off their perfectly-synchronized performances, yet again proving their 'world-class' title.

[RM: Everyone, welcome to 'LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF [THE FINAL]' in Seoul!]

ARMYs beautifully filled the entire stadium with twinkly lights like a purple milky way.

The highlight of the concert was a jaw-dropping drone show and fireworks.

Upon writing a new history in the world of K-pop with 'LOVE YOURSELF' world tour, BTS' journey is just about to begin.

(Credit= Big Hit Entertainment, Video Editor: Park Seung Yeon)

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