Lee Sang Yun Comments on the Possiblity of Dating Jang Na-ra in Real Life

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 30, 2019

Lee Sang Yun Comments on the Possiblity of Dating Jang Na-ra in Real Life
Actor Lee Sang Yun shared how likely him and actress Jang Na-ra may actually date each other in real life.

On October 29 episode of SBS' television show 'Han Bam', Lee Sang Yun and Jang Na-ra's recent interview was shown.

During the interview, the interviewer said, "In the drama 'VIP', you two are married. Everybody thinks you two really are going out in real life though. You know that, right?"

The interviewer paused for a moment, then asked, "Are you two together?"Han BamAs soon as Lee Sang Yun and Jang Na-ra heard her question, they turned towards one another and stared at each other's eyes for ages.

Then, Lee Sang Yun said, "Well, nothing is impossible in this world.", implying that they were not together yet, but could very possibly start dating one day.

As Jang Na-ra gave him a mysterious look and sipped a drink in front of her, Lee Sang Yun asked, "Why did you just look at me like that?"

Jang Na-ra answered, "Oh, it's nothing! I was simply sipping my drink."Han BamLee Sang Yun commented while laughing, "I thought you looked at me like, 'What on earth is he talking about?'"

Then, he emphasized his previous statement, "Anyway, I honestly do think nothing is impossible in this world. So, yes. That would be my answer to your question."

After hearing this, Jang Na-ra burst into laughter and shyly covered her face. Han BamHan Bam(Credit= SBS Han Bam)

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